Februar 16, 2019
Level Equalisation Element
Februar 16, 2019
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Ball Joint Adjustment Foot

  • Construction height 36 – 177mm for leveling

  • Material: galvanized steel or stainless steel A1 (A4 on request)


The KVF is attached to the machine or the unit using a fastening bolt. In this way, the upper part is tightly linked to the machine or unit. The height adjustment is reached by turning a hook spanner on the lower part. The limit stop screw prevents the upper part from being screwed up excessively high. It also determines the max. adjustment hight. The base-plate is connected to the lower part and hence can even out inclined surfaces up to 4°. Special design features mean that the base plate cannot come away from the lower part and hence that it forms a unit with the lower part.

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